Mayamy Brow Perm Sachets
Mayamy Brow Perm Sachets

Mayamy Brow Perm Sachets

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Perfect kit to try out the Mayamy Long Term Brow Perm product.

These sachets are the same solutions as in our Brow Lamination kit.

This set includes 1 x Brow Lift 2ml, 1 x Brow Sculpt 2ml, and 1 x Brow Essence 2ml.

 This set does not include the Mayamy Glue, which is an optional step. 

Lamination composition in sachets are a very convenient and economical option. The increased volume of sachets allows you to carry out more procedures.

All the sachets are tightly sealed which allows to sustainably preserve the effectiveness of all the components.

The brand package, meant for storing the sachets, protects them from temperature changes, oxygen, moisture, and sunlight.