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  • Cyann, MA Academy Brow Lamination/Bronsun Course

    I loved your online class!! I was fully entertained and had/has me excited to add this service to my clients. Im glad I got a full in depth module containing videos and detailed instructions including : aftercare, process and even a cheat sheet that I can follow along. Thank you so much for your dedication to teaching us everything we need to know and how serious it is that we take a course before providing a service . Will definitely be investing in more courses from you in the future!

  • Melissa, MA Academy Brow Lamination/Bronsun Course

    I think that the course was very informative. I really like how it discussed the pH , the chemicals, and the process and aftercare thoroughly. I know if I didn't get the extra knowledge i could have potentially hurt a client. The training was more informative than I could have thought!

  • Heather, Advanced Microblading by MicroArtistry Course

    I loved the course! The videos are all very helpful, and you are an amazing online teacher! I know you are busy and have a lot of people to deal with, but you still replied back so fast! That was very convenient. Thank you!   

  • Natalie, MA Academy Brow Lamination/Bronsun Course

    It was very informative and makes me feel very confident with my clients on educating them about the process and aftercare of Brow Lamination. The kit is the BEST! All in one kit!

  • Suki, MA Academy Brow Lamination/Bronsun Course

    Thank you so much for a great class. I really enjoyed and learned a lot. You’re an amazing and passionate artist who truly cares about new students and clients so I really appreciate that you took time to put all details together which made the greatest lamination class I ever took. 

  • Amanda, MA Academy Brow Lamination/Bronsun Course

    It was awesome very informative. Even with the Quarantine occurring, I felt inspired and excited to start models once salons are able to reopen. I have since the course been watching videos and studying as much as possible. My hopes is to expand my arsenal of knowledge and try microblading and lash lifting and extensions too!

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